Attend Council meeting July 26, 2021

Here is an update regarding the QuikTrip situation.

We have requested and received some records for your review. The law office of Newman Bronson & Wallis converted thousands of paper documents, provided by the city, into electronic format for sharing with our citizens. Thank you! The link to those documents is here:

Unfortunately, we have not yet been provided with full testimony and transcripts from the trial. We are in the process of requesting the city obtain those on an expedited time frame, but it is unlikely this will be obtained in advance of Monday night’s meeting. We will provide this as soon as it becomes available.

City Council is considering the appeal of the judge ruling allowing the QuikTrip.

The next City Council meeting is Monday July 26th at 7 pm. This is an in-person meeting (and virtual).

It is imperative that everyone attends this meeting in person, all adults in your household when possible. 

It is clear that the City must authorize the filing of an appeal and/or if available, a motion for a new trial, ASAP. Otherwise, the judge mandates that the City allow the QuikTrip to proceed by August 13th. Our appeal process may be successful and it definitely allows us additional time to challenge the situation.

This is what we are asking you to do:

1. E-mail City Council members and the City Manager today and tell them you do not want the QuikTrip and that you want the city to appeal the judge’s ruling.

More contact info:

Please also cc: Brett Berger with Graeser Neighbors for visibility.

2. If anyone comes to your doorstep requesting you that you sign a document supporting QuikTrip, please take a photo of the document they’ve requested you sign, obtain the person’s name and contact information, do NOT sign their document stating you support the QT development, kindly send them on their way, and then immediately send the information you collected to Brett Berger.

3. All household adults should attend the City Council meeting in person on Monday July 26th at 7 pm and be ready to publicly voice your concerns.
Comments from the public are the first agenda item and I want our council to hear from everyone who has a concern.

If you are not local, please participate by Zoom. Instructions are in the City Calendar for the Meeting of July 26th:

You can submit a written statement to be read into the record, by sending it to the Clerk:

When you read the documents linked above concerning the trial you may form an opinion regarding the representation we received during the legal process at trial. If you have opinions or frustrations, now is the time to express them to our council people. Quite simply our city leaders need to hear from its concerned citizens, now.

4. Forward this message to any neighbors not yet involved in our effort. Provide their email addresses to Brett for future communications.