Gershman / Tom Stern vs. Creve Coeur

After Creve Coeur City Council unanimously rejected providing QuikTrip a CUP, Gershman Realty, led by Tom Stern, a Creve Coeur resident himself, sued the city for discrimination in order to force obtaining their CUP. Circuit Court Judge Nancy Watkins McLaughlin heard about a day’s worth of testimony and sadly overturned our elected officials unanimous decision in favor of Gershman/QT.

GNS noted the decision in our announcement here:

You can find more details about the case and links to trial transcripts on our documents page:

Creve Coeur residents are incredibly upset and surprised by this ruling.

How can a single judge overrule our entire elected body? P&Z and Council spent months and months pouring over thousands of pages of documents, hearing from dozens and dozens of witnesses, to come to a unanimous agreement in regards to the more subjective requirements of the CUP (things that aren’t necessarily ‘back & white’).

The City of Creve Coeur plans to appeal this improper decision.

On Friday, Aug 5th, Creve Coeur city attorney, Carl Lumley, noted:

“I have been instructed to file the notice of appeal and will do so on a timely basis

Nominating committee has been appointed and will be interviewing candidates and present a nominee to council for approval – currently scheduling interviews for Monday (Aug 8, 2021)”

Also worth notating is that we were featured on Fox 2 News as a top story on last night’s (Aug 7th) 9pm and 10pm news hours.

You can read the article and watch the available video here:

Fox 2 News, Judge overrules unanimous city council’s vote against QuikTrip development – Aug 7, 2021

Hoping to provide more good news soon.