Stop QuikTrip

Even if you have already done so, Email your city representatives Jason Jaggi, Whitney Kelly, City Council and the Mayor to let them know your concerns!

Use the form at the bottom of this page to reach out to your reps.

Reach out to Creve Coeur city representatives to:

  • give them concrete examples of incidents at the intersection of Graeser and Olive that you have been a part of or witnessed that raise safety concerns for pedestrians, drivers, or both;
  • state health, safety, and welfare concerns you foresee with the operation of a QT at the intersection of Graeser and Olive – be specific;
  • express any concerns you have about how the public hearing will be conducted – consider:
    •  if the public hearing is conducted virtually, only people with access to the Internet will be able to participate;
    • conversely if the public hearing is conducted in-person the number of attendees will likely be limited which may mean that people who want to attend cannot and people with COVID-19 concerns will not attend.